olea hotel policies

Here is general information, policies, and rules regarding your stay at Olea Hotel.
  • Hotel Check-In and Check-Out Time

    Check-In: 3:30 p.m. Check-Out: 11:00 a.m. If planning to arrive later than 9:00 pm, please let our front desk staff know so we can plan accordingly.

  • Cancellation/Change Policy

    A notice of cancellation is required at least 7 days prior to arrival to receive a refund of deposit taken. Any reservations canceled or modified within 7 days prior to arrival will be charged the total booking amount. If a reservation is part of a group of five or more rooms traveling together, please refer to the group booking policy.

  • Massage Reservation Policy

    Once a massage appointment is booked and confirmed, cancellations can occur greater than 48 hours than the requested appointment time. If cancellations occur within the 48-hour window, the guest will be responsible for the cost of the massage appointment.

  • Guest Policy

    All room rates are based on double occupancy except for the Hillside Two Queen Room which includes four guests. For any additional guests, there is a $25 per day fee. The fee will include breakfast service and onsite amenities. Please notify the front desk for any additional guests prior to arrival so we can make your stay as pleasant as possible.

  • Daily Breakfast Policy

    Daily seated breakfast service is from 8:30am till 10:30am. Please allow 40 mins. for the two-course seated breakfast. If there are time constraints, please mention them to the front desk at check-in so we can best accommodate.
    Daily breakfast service is only for registered hotel guests. For additional guests, there is a $25 per day fee and the front desk must be notified 24 hours prior. Also, the executive chef must approve any requests as they will have to prepare for the adjustments.
    Have a dietary restriction or food allergy? Let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your stay so we can plan accordingly. Some alterations to our daily menu can be made as well as offering gluten-free bread and hot oatmeal. Please call the main office to discuss options at least 48 hours prior to your arrival.

  • Reservation/Guarantee Policy

    All reservations must be confirmed by a valid credit card. A deposit of 1 day plus hotel tax (14%) and CA tourism tax (.195%) will be charged when the reservation is made.

    There will be a $30 plus tax ($34.26) per day property fee assessed to each reservation. Our amenities include:
    Daily gourmet two-course breakfast including breakfast buffet, in-room snacks, complimentary wine, wine tasting passes only available for select hotels, electric vehicle charging services (Tesla and J1772 ports), plush bathrobes, WI-FI access, pool (seasonally heated) and hot tub access, on-site parking, and concierge assistance. 

  • Group Booking Policy

    Five or more rooms traveling together will constitute a group booking and a contract will be required. Reservations made as part of a group booking must adhere to the policies outlined in the contract. All group policies supersede policies shown on an individually booked reservation. For any group booking inquiries, please contact the front desk at 707.996.5131.

  • Pet Policy

    Olea Hotel is pet-friendly with the Hillside Queen Rooms, Lower King Room, Upper View King Room, and Lower Garden Cottage having the option of bringing a pet. We provide all dogs with a special dog bed and welcome basket which includes: treats, doggie bags, dog bowls, & towels. There is a $35 non-refundable charge for each pet per night.
    Here are a few rules while staying on property:
    1) Dogs cannot be left alone in the room unless they are crated.
    2) Dogs are not allowed on the beds.
    3) No more than two dogs in a room.
    4) Dogs over 85 pounds cannot be accommodated in our rooms.
    5) Owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Poop bags are provided.
    There is an off-leash dog park two miles from the hotel. Ask the front desk for information. Many of the wineries are happy to have your dog visit with you and the front desk can give you that information as well.

  • Family Policy

    At Olea Hotel we proudly offer our guests a serene and relaxing retreat where guests enjoy a quiet and private stay. For this reason, we welcome children 13 years and older at Olea Hotel. If you are traveling with any children under 13 years old, please contact us directly to arrange the best accommodations for you.

  • Smoking Policy

    Olea Hotel is a non-smoking facility. Please do not smoke in the guestrooms. If smoke is detected, there will be a $500 cleaning fee added to your folio. Once on property, our front desk staff can advise on where smoking can take place.

  • Electric Car Charging

    At Olea Hotel, two separate chargers can be utilized for a variety of electric vehicles: Siemens™ VersiCharge™ and a Tesla™ 80A Wall Connector. For more information, please contact us prior to your arrival.